Kids Surfing Lessons Bali

Surfing Adventures for Kids - Get Them Shredding with our Fun and Professional One-on-One Coaching

Surfing Adventures for Kids - Get Them Shredding

Experienced surf coach Chris Byrne is dedicated to teaching kids how to surf the right way and fast! With years of experience coaching surfers of all levels, Chris has developed a coaching approach that is fun, safe, and effective for kids. He focuses on providing personalized one-on-one coaching to help your kids achieve their surfing goals and take their skills to the next level. From the basics of paddling and standing up to more advanced maneuvers, Chris will work with your kids to improve their technique and form, while also instilling a love for the ocean and respect for surf etiquette. With a passion for teaching and a commitment to safety, Chris will ensure that your kids have a great time while learning to surf in Bali. So why wait? Sign up for our personalized coaching sessions and watch your kids become confident and skilled surfers in no time!


For Coaching enquiries, or any questions. Contact Chris on WhatsApp WhatsApp Chat Box or +62 81999485397 or Email

For Coaching enquiries, or any questions contact Chris on Whatsapp +62 81999485397 or Email

At our surf school, we’re committed to providing the best possible experience for your kids as they learn to surf. That’s why we offer private one-on-one coaching sessions that are both fun and safe, with a focus on developing their surfing skills and confidence in the water. Our expert instructor uses video analysis to help your kids visualize and understand how to improve their technique and form, and we also include essential surf education and water safety tips to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the sport. So come join us in Bali, where your kids will have a blast while developing a lifelong love for surfing, all while under the guidance of our experienced and certified instructor.

about chris byrne

Learn fast the right way from a former world champion & level 2 ISA Australian coaching expert

Chris Byrne, also known as “Critta,” is a legendary figure in the surfing world. With a professional career spanning back to 1977, Chris has established himself as one of the best surfers of his era, ranking in the top 10 in the world for 4 consecutive years on the IPS & ASP professional tours.

As an accredited professional coach with a level 2 ISA International Surfing Association and ISA Aquatic Rescue & Safety certificate, Chris has an extensive background in coaching and has developed a unique and elite coaching program for advanced surfers. He was also appointed as the Head Coaching Director for the Australian Government Institute of Surfing, where he mentored young surfers who were preparing for world competitions.

Chris’s experience extends beyond the water as well. He co-founded Byrne Surfboards, a renowned brand in the surfing industry, providing him with great knowledge of surfboard designs and theories. He also worked as the Advertising Director for Ripcurl International and later as the Assistant Marketing Director for Quiksilver Europe, solidifying his reputation as one of the best coaches and professionals in the world.

Join Chris Byrne Surf Coach Bali and experience the ultimate in personalized one-on-one surf coaching camps in Bali and other breathtaking surf breaks across Indonesia. With Chris’s expertise, you’ll progress quickly and safely while having the time of your life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to surf with a true surfing legend and take your skills to the next level!



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