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After returning home from Bali, Hawaii the 3 brother Phil, Dave & Chris in 1975 from extended travel realized the 3 of them had an addiction to the sport of surfing and the life style. Dave just won the Bells Beach juniors and place 3rd in the main event The Chris the following year on the NSW state and Australian title followed up with the World junior Champion title held in Durban South Africa.

Pro Surfing was starting to Develop and the opportunity to start their own brand evolved with all three brother working in the factory designing and building boards with the main focus on performance and quality and this is how BYRNE surfboards originated. Over the next few years they used the surfboard company the base to travel to Hawaii each season developing new skills and designing boards to perform in all types of waves.

As a result Byrne surfboards became world class and with Chris consistently improving and breaking grounds and climbing the world rating s consecutively finishing in the top 10 in the world started attracting other international surfers to have Phil to shape their boards also e.g. Shaun Tomson, Larry Bertalman and a few more worldly names.The Byrne surf team over the years saw some of the best surfers in the world riding Byrne these guys like Robbie Page, Simon Law, Todd Prestige, Phil McDonald, Jeff Booth  & Owen Wright.At this present time Byrne surfboards are available throughout the world.

Byrne surfboard company philosophy is to continue to improve surfboard development through communication with all our team riders and customers to help improve every surfer’s performance and enjoyment.

The better you surf, the more fun you have!!!


Chris Byrne “Critta” is renowned as one of the best surfers of his era throughout the late 70s and 80s in the surfing world. Holds a level 2 ISA international surfing association and an ISA aquatic rescue & safety certificate as an accredited professional coach. Co – founder of Byrne surfboards famous to the surfing world, worldwide will provide great knowledge of the surfing industry and more importantly surfboard designs for those needing further education about surfboards and theories.

Since 1977 his professional career is more than impressive as an Australian world champion, rated in the top 10 in the world 4 years consecutively on the IPS & ASP professional world tours. Due to injury Chris was appointed as the as the head coaching director for the Australian government institute of surfing where he created a unique and elite coaching program for up-and-coming advanced surfers trying to prepare for the world competition. 

Chris was employed by Ripcurl International as their advertising Director for 2 years and later worked for Quiksilver Europe for six years as their assistant marketing director and is now renowned as one of the best coaches in the world.


Byrne Surfboards has a longstanding reputation for building high-quality, performance-driven surfboards. Since 1977. Byrne shapes and designs are made to the highest level for quality and performance.


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$729.00 AUD

MM Grom

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MM Step-Up

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Sugar & Spice

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Modern Twin

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Book A Chris Byrne Surf Coaching clinic with us  before the 30.03.24 to enter the draw. You could be the lucky winner of a custom-made Byrne Surfboard, VALUED @ $849 AUD.